Our story

Odd Wine Out was established in 2016. This is a passion project, the love for all things wine. Our intended purpose is to bring premium quality boutique wines to wine lovers throughout South Africa and international audiences.

We hand-select our range of wines to bring you a sophisticated tasting experience with wines that are produced in smaller batches. Odd Wine Out brings boutique wines to your doorstep. Most of the wines that we offer are not in commercial liquor stores. We take our wines very seriously.

Odd Wine Out is an end to end provider for both wine farms and wine consumers. We are also passionate about improving the wine industry, by hosting tasting events and using our platform to introduce smaller wine farms to you. Imagine each bottle you open has a story behind it, when the grapes are picked, what the winemaker do to make their wines special, what’s the story behind the name of the bottle?

Odd Wine Out also do customised label wines for corporate gifting, weddings and special occasions. We don’t just sell wine; we bring you an experience. Let us know your occasion and we will do the rest.

Over the years, there has also been requests to introduce craft distilleries to our portfolio. We now also offer the same premium experience to our brandy, gin and whiskey lovers.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at wine, brandy, gin and whiskey. We have experts within our network that we collaborate with regularly. Want to host a rum tasting? Contact us. Need a bubbly and nougat pairing for a ladies’ event, we know how to mesmerise your guests.

At Odd Wine Out, our customers are not just a number, we try our utmost best to engage and understand our customers’ preferences and from there, we provide recommendations on what is best suited for the occasion.

At Odd Wine Out, we believe that there is still room for growth in the South African wine market and are committed to improving the wine industry one bottle at a time.

ODD WINE OUT statement

We pride ourselves in bringing you an experience one bottle at a time.

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