Wine Consulting

A good wine can enhance the experience of good food. A wine list is not the only thing that is important in the hospitality industry. Knowledgeable staff is just as essential. Let Odd Wine Out assist you with the below services

Wine list curation

We work closely with the head chef of the restaurant to understand the cuisine, style and flavours that will be used for the dishes. We then suggest a selection of quality boutique wines to compliment the menu.

Wine training

Sometimes we find that a restaurant has an amazing menu and a diverse wine list, however, the waiter seems to lack the knowledge to guide the guest on what wine to order to compliment his/her meal. A knowledgeable waiter can certainly increase the guest’s experience at your restaurant. Let Odd Wine Out train your front of house staff on your wine list.

Wine promoters

Odd Wine Out can assist wine farms with activations at wine shows and tasting events. Our promoters are all trained and tested before being allowed on the floor. Before the event, our promoters are required to study the clients’ brand, they are encouraged to engage with guests and truly market the brand. Odd Wine Out works closely with the clients’ Sales and Marketing manager so that we can help achieve their objectives from the event.

Innovative Wine Products

Odd Wine Out loves wine, not only do we bring South Africa’s finest boutique wines to you, we also add a dash of fun with innovative wine products. Replace your welcoming drinks with wine slushies, serve wine ice creams for dessert, enjoy wine popsicles at your next event, these are just some of the fun ways you can impress your guests. We also do a delicious, premium quality wine infused salt which can be customised as thank you gifts.  

Some of these products are currently only available to our customers in Johannesburg, South Africa, and minimum order is required.

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